God Laughs!

Do you ever feel that God must have a really great sense of humor?  If He is watching me, I’m sure he must laugh a lot.

We tend to run off with every confidence in our future.  We plan and scheme how to get to where we want to be.  When I say “We” you realize that I mean “I”.

When my beloved and I went off on our jaunt to Australia and New Zealand, I fully anticipated returning to Alaska to begin a home building project.  Much planning went into my house design.  An architect had been employed to make my ideas into a plan that could be followed by a builder.  A builder had been secured.  And then life happened.

That is when I think God laughs.  Not that He is laughing at us and our missteps, just that He chuckles at our attempts to map out our lives when He is the only one that knows the final script.

I thought I had a year to pack, fix-up my current house and prepare for a move.  Can you hear me groaning?!?  When it became apparent that our house plan wasn’t going to move forward, I started looking to purchase a house.  Over the years my business has overtake the entire house.  The realtor that we have used over the years was enlisted and a search commenced.  Within a week I had found an AWESOME house.  It has a second attached garage (really important in cold, bear-filled Alaska)  that can accommodate my business.  Bliss!

Our bid was accepted and on July 5 we signed on the dotted line.  On July 9 I was on a plane for a 9 day teaching trip.  Oh Dear!  I had started packing as soon as the house was found.  My fabric was packed, my long term stash culled.  The most important items were on pallets in the garage waiting for transfer to the new house.  Then my beloved springs on me the following statement “anything that you don’t have packed, I will pack and move for you while you are gone” !!!!  Just a little pressure in that sentence.

Brenda's New House!!!

Did I mention that the new house is not complete?  We are now in our 9th week of construction.  It will be worth it when we are done.  I have been out of state three times since we purchased the house.  When I made my travel schedule for 2011 I did not anticipate being in this stage of a building project – God laughs.

My Sewing Room

It doesn’t look like much now.  The sheet rock went up yesterday.  The framed wood at the end of the room will be two large windows that are replacing the garage door.  I will have room for my fabric stash, quilts, longarm and Alaskan inventory of BPP books.  Even with all of that in this space, I still expect to have plenty of room left for a sitting area where I will recline and watch chick flicks while my hubby watches sci-fi travesties.

The contractors are busy completing items on the checklist, and I am packing my suitcase for yet another trip.  I will be gone for two weeks this time.  If all goes well, we may be able to move in when I return.

Oh listen, I think I hear God laughing again!

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