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I’m dancing as fast as I can!!!!

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

I remember as a child thinking that December was the most peaceful month of the year. The farm of my childhood was quiet and blanketed with snow. My memories are tinted by the rose colored glasses of age and the passage of time. My daddy must have been working like a fiend to keep the animals fed and the barn clean. He felt like I do now – I’m dancing as fast as I can!

Living in Alaska there is a flurry outside my windows many December days. I am forever telling my husband that I feel as if we live in a snow globe. We have already had quite a few inches of fresh snow this month. I am so glad that pushing the snow blower is a blue job – yes, I am sexist when it comes to chores that will render me cold and shivering.

This is how my fall months generally evolve. My new books are scheduled to be hot off the press just in time for Quilt Market. The fall Quilt Market and Festival in Houston this year was Oct 15 – Nov 2. The crazy activity surrounding quilt market and festival leaves me a bit exhausted. There has been much preparation to get the new book (this fall there were 2 books!) ready for printing. Followed by the activity to alert the shop owners and distributors that there are new titles available. Not to mention the daily order processing. Add to that my busy travel schedule this year. Oh, and did you realize that I am a one woman show…I have no PEOPLE. No, I am not whining, my lifestyle is a personal choice. So I am a bit spent by the time November and December arrive.

The winter months after quilt market are generally fairly calm at my house. I take this time to re-coop and gather my thoughts. Design a quilt or 12 and perhaps clean up my trashed sewing room(s). Decorate for Christmas and maybe even take the time to read a couple of books and knit – yes, I confess, I am not a monogamous quilter.

Not so this year! There is a flurry of activity in my sewing room. Due to my spring and summer travel schedule, my normally peaceful months have become my window of opportunity to design and sew for the next book. I have 6 quilts pieced and ready for my beloved machine quilter.

Hoffman Bali Pops have been so much fun to work with. I can’t seem to get enough. When I was working on Strip Therapy I found that I was unable to throw the leftover bits and pieces away. So I made the bits into secondary smaller quilts. This time around, many of the bits have been used to construct pieced borders. I am also working a couple scrappy surprises that I will reveal closer to the time of publication.

When will this new book be available for sale? Well, I am not sure. Normally I would hold the book and release it at the Spring Quilt Market in mid-May. Due to my travel schedule and other commitments this year I do not plan to attend the spring market. So it may be on the shelves as early as March! WooHoo!