Fees & Details

Workshop Fees

2010-2011 Fee Schedule

Lecture 1 hour  - $400
Workshops ½ day -  $450
1 day - $650

Workshop fees are based on 20 participants. Special arrangements can be made for a maximum of 30 providing that the classroom is adequate. There will be a $20 charge for each participant over the limit of 20. There is no limit on attendance at lectures.

Lecture and workshop fees are based upon the presumption that I will be allowed to sell my books, patterns and other items to interested students. Class time is not be spent selling these items, they are simply available. The guild or conference will not expect to collect any commission on these sales.

Transportation & Lodging: The sponsoring group is responsible for the cost of all transportation, lodging and meals during the teaching engagement, including ground transportation and airport parking fees. I have a strong preference for staying in hotel rooms. The sponsor is not expected to pay for personal expenses. Groups are welcome and encouraged to make arrangements with neighboring groups to share costs for minimum fees and travel. It is more worthwhile for me to have more lectures and/or workshops during any one trip.

Travel is from Anchorage, Alaska using Alaska Airlines or Northwest Airlines.